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“In good company” 5.5x8.5 oil in mixed m
About me

I am an oil painter based in Denver, Colorado, where I find inspiration in the vibrant art scene and diverse community that surrounds me. With a focus on portraiture, my work seeks to capture the complexities of human identity and our profound connection to it.


As I navigate the creative process, I find solace in portraying both the individuals in my life and myself through self-portraits, a means to dedicate time to personal introspection and self-discovery.


My current artistic project delves into the realm of identity, aiming to unveil the essence of a wide range of individuals. By engaging them in thoughtful conversations that delve into their self-perception and personal experiences, I gather valuable insights that shape the artistic process. These insights then find expression on objects or fabrics that best represent the unique qualities of each person, revealing the interplay between self-perception, external perceptions, and the perception of being perceived.


While I have had the privilege of showcasing my work in various art shows throughout Denver, I am driven by the desire to expand the reach and impact of my artistic practice. With this goal in mind, I plan to apply for grants in the future, seeking financial support to further develop and sustain my ongoing identity project. Through this endeavor, I aim to create a visual narrative that celebrates the rich tapestry of humanity and fosters deeper connections among individuals through the medium of oil paint.

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